+  B A N Q U E T  +

The St.Albi Banquet is about coming together, 

to gather with friends + family

& enjoying a shared dining experience.  

Banquet dining offers a fine taste of what St.Albi has to offer

& is ideally suited to 14 or more guests.


St.Albi Tasting Plate
cured meats, spanner crab pate, 
antipasto salad + house cured chilli onions + warm crusty pita

Willie Smith Cider Braised Pork belly
+ oven baked apple

Lemon Pepper Squid
harissa aioli + citrus segments 


Moroccan Spiced Chicken
+paprika yoghurt

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder
lemongrass + garlic  


Duck Fat Roasted Potato
rosemary salt +garlic

Rocket Salad
pear + parmesan


Bull + Calf Espresso Panacotta
chocolate coated coffee bean + vanilla pop rock


55.00 per head or 65.00 per head including dessert


if you have any requests for certain dishes we will happily accommodate your needs + any dietary requirements

please contact info@st-albi.com for more information 

thank you, St.Albi