+  D E S S E R T  +

Mixed Berry Cheesecake
strawberry compote + grand marnier toffee

Warm Chocolate Brownie
balsamic raspberries + white chocolate shards + berry praline

St Albi Affogato
vanilla bean ice cream + helpers road cream whisky liqueur
+ st. albi in house signature blend 'bull + calf' espresso

White Chocolate Brûlée
freckles + caramel pop + fairy floss 

Bull + Calf Espresso Panacotta
chocolate coated coffee bean + vanilla poprock

All Dessert / 14.00

Trio of Tasmanian Cheese
paired condiments + crackers
22.00 small / 36.00 large

 A selection of Elly's Gourmet Confectionery is available
'Elly's Florentines' or 'Cinnamon POP'  
Tasmanian Hand Made + All Natural + Gluten Free / 4.50